Cal Newport, Deep Work. Rules For Focused Success In A Distracted World, Little, Brown, London, 2016

“You need your own philosophy for integrating deep work into your professional life. (As argued in this rule’s introduction, attempting to schedule deep work in an ad hoc fashion is not an effective way to manage your limited will power.) But this example highlights a general warning about this selection: You must be careful to choose a philosophy that fits your specific circumstances, as a mismatch here can derail your deep work habit before it has a chance to solidify. This strategy will help you avoid this fate by presenting four different depth philosophies that I’ve seen work exceptionally well in practice. The goal is to convince you that there are many different ways to integrate deep work into your schedule, and it’s therefore worth taking the time to find an approach that makes sense for you”.

Note: These Philosophies are:

– The Monastic Philosophy of Deep Work Scheduling.

– The Bimodal Philosophy of Deep Work Scheduling.

– The Rhythmic Philosophy of Deep Work Scheduling.

– The Journalistic Philosophy of Deep Work Scheduling.

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