Padilla-Garrido, N., Aguado-Correa, F., Rabadán-Martín, I., López-Jiménez, J. M., de la Vega-Jiménez, J. J., & Peletier-Ribera, I. (2024). “Materiality analysis in sustainability reporting: Insights from large Spanish companies”. Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, 1–22.

Despite the significance of materiality, its implementation has been perceived as ambiguous, opaque, and heterogeneous. This study focuses on analyzing materiality reporting among companies that utilize GRI and are listed on the Spanish stock exchange between 2018 and 2021. First, it examines the disclosure of materiality analysis by introducing a materiality disclosure assessment index (MDA) and exploring its determinants. Additionally, it investigates the alignment of material topics with GRI Topic Standards, analyzing the cross-cutting nature of material topics. Our results indicate that MDA reached slightly over half of its maximum value. We found evidence that MDA is positively associated with membership in the IBEX 35, as well as with five out of the seven industries comprising the stock index. Furthermore, the years of disclosure experience in two industries significantly influenced MDA. Companies considered 20% of material topics as cross-cutting, while another 20% had no direct correspondence with GRI standards. This study builds upon previous empirical findings on GRI materiality disclosure and provides valuable insights for research, practice, and standard setting.

GRI, IBEX 35, materiality analysis, materiality disclosure, sustainability reporting, topic standard

Corp Soc Responsibility Env – 2024 – Padilla‐Garrido – Materiality analysis in sustainability reporting Insights from

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José María López Jiménez

Especialista en regulación financiera. Doctor en Derecho

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